My First Blog Post

This is me, starting my journey . It's time to see what's beyond my comfort zone . — EmEs Musings, 2019 The most difficult journey that we could ever take is the journey within. Because as you go further, you'll see the ugly truth of yourself that even, you, yourself is afraid to see. You… Continue reading My First Blog Post

Random Thoughts

If I were to write all of my thoughts, I will surely spend a lifetime writing. For I keep everything within and keep myself from the world. Now, I'm slowly sharing parts of me, exposing my mind, heart, and soul. Allowing myself to express and let go. Through writing, I'm being vulnerable because I'm writing… Continue reading

Dear Diary, Uncategorized

Dear Diary: Entry 13 ; You Are Not Alone

You are not alone. I know how you stand for yourself as you face your battles. Battles that are hidden. You always believe that some battles are meant to be face alone but sometimes, you need to ask for help. There is nothing wrong in asking for help. Acknowledging that you need help is courage.… Continue reading Dear Diary: Entry 13 ; You Are Not Alone

Her Story

She continue searching and seeking. Finding her place and home just to find out that she's home with herself. She is her home. Her home is her self. Finally, she found her way back to her core. She found the way that lead to her genuine self. She is home.

Soul Speaks

Getting In Touch With Life

Your belief and faith is tested when face in difficult situation. This situation requires a lot of faith and prayers. Often, we feel discourage when we deal with life's adversity. That's natural and understandable.I'm aware that it's hard to see the bright side of life when we are being surrounded by darkness. It's exhausting to… Continue reading Getting In Touch With Life